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Our Team

Sarah Byrne de Hernandez

Nilinde Co Founder

Sarah has worked in Sales and Marketing arena in several multinationals before moving to Spain in the Early 2000. Since then she has worked and owned her own small business and now dedicates time to working with the Community Project and supporting the St Martins Journalism club and Empowering Young Women. Sarah sponsors six boys and girls at St Martins school and two former students through further education.

Kelli Angevine

Nilinde Co Founder

Kelli, originally an auto industry executive from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, completed her MBA at Harvard in 1996 and shortly after migrated to Europe, where she was able to intersect her professional experience in business capabilities and marketing with her interest in education. She taught for several years before working with St Martins School in Kibagare, Nairobi. Since 2013, Kelli has worked on technology-enabled, sustainable, leverageable empowerment models to improve the livelihood of children and young female adults living in extreme poverty in East Africa. Recently, she co-founded Kuumba Education and acted as the scholarships first Title Sponsor.

Sofia Lagache Gonzalez

Sustainable Project Team Leader

Sofia is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sofia has been working in the technology industry since graduating from university in 2021. She is Passionate about sustainable development and feels extremely grateful to be a part of an initiative empowering individuals to sustain themselves through acquired skills and collaboration.

Sr Emmah Karanja

Director St Martins's Kibagare and Community Advocate

Sr. Emmah Karanja, a nun in the order of the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi and a nurse by profession. She have trained on hospital administration and project management. Sr Emmah have worked as programme administrator of integrated AIDS Programme Thika which covered the whole Gatundu North constituency and currently she's the Administrator at St. Martins Primary School Kibagare.

Angela Maloba

Community Officer

I was brought up in the slums and since childhood I was aspired to change the living standards of my community by giving back. This made me participate in community initiatives and developments that latter made me enroll for social work and community development classes at Kenya Institute of Social work in 2004-2008. I have an advanced diploma in Community development with eleven years of experience having worked with different organizations. This has enabled me be a change agent by empowering men and women living in Kibagare slums through community initiatives like offering life skills training on entrepreneurship and detergent making.

Lydia Wambui

Community Counselor

Lydia, a Counselor and trainer at St Martins's Good News Centre. She works to provide a fair, firm, friendly and trusting environment for persons to express themselves and engage in the counseling process. Lydia gives Individual Counseling which aims on problem solving and making better choices in achieving specific results and Group Counseling/Therapy which focus on problem-solving and action-oriented approach based on helping skills.

John Kihara

Nilinde Implementation Specialist

John, is a Computer Technology student at Jomo Kenyatta University and currently interning with Kibagare good news centre community initiatives. John is passionate about technology and working to get diverse skills and feels extremely greatful to be part of an empowering team. He has architected the Kibagare Community website.

Caroline Ndunge

Community Ambassador

Caroline have graduated with a Diploma in Community Health and Development and now advancing to a Bachelor's degree in the same major, currently volunteering at Beacon of Hope Health Centre not to mention St Martin's Kibagare. I am relentless in my persuit of Community Health and Welfare at the primary level and aiming to understand the different persons, those affected by different constraints and their vulnerability nature, reach out to them and create awareness, empower them and make them understand the importance of a healthy society thus bringing change in the community.