Semi Annual Report 2023

The number of members in the Community has increased to 290, 4 being male and the rest female. This consists of 18 groups who conduct savings and credit activities. The groups are as follows:-
Two groups of People Living with HIV/AIDS.
Two groups of Youths under drugs and Substance abuse.
The rest are Caregivers of children who school at St Martins.

The above Caregivers are classified into three household categories. 109 are highly vulnerable, 171 are moderate vulnerable and 10 are least vulnerable.

During meetings they receive different interventions like:

Conducting voluntary Savings and Credit activities.
Offering psychosocial support by conducting home visits.
Formed one business support group meeting for 5 Caregivers who have been issued with business loans.
Training on Entreprenuership and Financial Literacy.
Trainings on Positive parenting and care.
Sanitary pads were distributed to the community members.

We have conselling sessions which are offered to the Community members and through these sessions most of them have resolved their issues as well as improved their relationships with their families and friends.

Through Community mentor mother, people living with HIV/AIDS are adhering to medication and they are also able to disclose their status to their family members and friends.

Changes that have been observed in the slum are a result of our projects and initiatives:-
Food baskets have been provided to 143 caregivers that are highly vulnerable.
Through counselling more parents/caregivers have improved their relationships with their families.
Through lifeskills trainings, they are able to solve challenges as they encounter along the way.
Children have also improved their school performance thus improving their confidence.
Those living with HIV/AIDS are getting their medication and changing their perspectives.

Due to high cost of living, households are moving back from least vulnerable to moderate vulnerable.

30% of the caregivers who are running small businesses have closed down due to the high cost of running the businesses.