Kibagare Pad Project

Giving women dignity with their menstruation

Pad Project

"We are pleased to be working with World Serve International, Aakar Innovations partner in Kenya. Our shared goal is to empower the women of our community and offer Compostable sanitary pads and Dignity Packs. Many females struggle with coping with their monthly periods. If you imagine also struggling with not having access to sanitary pads, or clean water, or facing taboos of discussing these issues EVERY MONTH. For many females, not only do they struggle with maintaining their own dignity and hygiene but also, they may be forced to miss school, or miss work. This project will help to promote female health, educate, support and empower the women in our community. Also the pads are compostable, which in any environment is a plus, especially a slum community. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!"

Be part of change!!

12 US Dollars provides a female with 12 packs of compostable sanitary pads.