Support to empower Kibagare resident's and help them acquire skills that influence them economically.

Lifeskills Project

The Lifeskills project aims to empower parents and Kibagare residents with skills that they could use to better themselves economically. This project gives Tailoring skills and Detergent Making skills.
The objective of Tailoring is to equip Kibagare residents with skills and knowlwdge on fashion and design which will make them sustain themselves through income earned.
Detergent Making trainings aims to give community members skills regarding making different detergents which encourages them to start their own businesses.


The Tailoring trainings started in 2019 with 10 female learners whereby the trainings are conducted in a period of one year. We usually have two sessions, in the moring and evening.
So far the first class graduated last year and we are proud to impact which we hope to impact many.

Detergent Making

In regard to detergent making training, we aim to equip the community with skills on making different detergents which has been very useful to them.
We started the initiative of liquid soap making with the parents of children who school at St Martin's. During group meetings, members contribute and stake in acquiring the necessary requirements for the same. Afterwards they make bleaching detergents, liquid soap, bar soap and fabric softener and distribute among themselves. Thereafter they sell the products and this have encouraged the members to extend their efforts and start small businesses on their own.
This activity has enhanced the caregiver's skills and knowledge on entrepreneurship, leading to self-reliance thus promoting growth.