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The slum of Kibagare, Kenya, is located on the outskirts of Nairobi and home to 27,000 people without clean water or sanitation systems. The slum originated with former plantation workers who lost their livelihoods back in 1972 and has today grown in a tiny strip of land hemmed in on both sides.
The level of poverty experienced by families in Kibagare is immense. With such hardships and little employment, the rate of substance abuse, crime and prostitution is high. At the heart of Kibagare lies Saint Martin's school which, working with the Community Nilinde Nijijenge of Kibagare is addressing the problems faced within the community.
Life in the slum is not easy and it's even worse for the children. The lack of even the most basic needs - shelter, food, healthcare, security and education. The children of Kibagare have limited access to any of these.
Economically, the community here rely on casual labour and employment. With Covid many of the people who had employment lost their jobs and now facing a serious drought which will effect not only supply of basic food but escalating prices already inflated by global insecurities.
Together St Martins and the community hope to become pivotal in affecting sustainable change through many of the projects and initiatives that you will see in our page. !!WELCOME!!

Here is a video of the Kibagare Slum

Highly Vulnerable
Moderate Vulnerable
Least Vulnerable

Cooperate groups

Caregivers Category

During weekly group meetings the groups conduct merry go round as a form of saving and get trainings based poverty mindset. This is for the group members to become creative and start small income generating activities instead of doing casual jobs of washing clothes. Thereafter they are trained on entrepreneurship, positive parenting, family matters, financial literacy, voluntary savings and loaning and succession planning. This groups are linked to micro finance institutions for them to be able to acquire loans and invest.

Under drugs and substance abuse

We conduct group counselling sessions on effects of drugs and substance abuse. Thereafter members are trained on making different detergents, this is to keep them occupied and promote skills development. Based on the sessions conducted and counselling, it was realized that most of them use drugs as a result of negative peer influence. We do more trainings on entrepreneurship, positive parenting, financial literacy, family matters and voluntary savings and loaning. All of this trainings are offered during group meetings.

People Living with HIV

This group meet on a weekly basis for psychological support which is offered by the community mentor mother and counsellor. They are also trained on reduction of stigma and discrimination, how to conduct disclosure, sensitized on importance of cervical cancer screening. Afterwards they are also trained on poverty mindset for them not to give up, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, Voluntary savings and loaning, family matters and succession planning. These trainings are offered to make them creative and start small income generating activities for sustainability.

Msamaria Mwema
Blessed Group
Charity Group
Warembo Group
Lady Hope
Tujiamini Tujijenge
Nehema Group
Wapendwa Group
Imani Group
Smart Vision
Smart Ladies
Smart Vision
Shalom Group
Marafiki Group
Ladies with a Vision
Wema Group

Here is a video of the members of the different groups.