Get Involved In Kibagare Community.

Make a difference in Kibagare through enganging in sustainable development and initiatives.

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St Martins Kibagare Good News Center have mobilized the development and promotion of change in the community. We aim to improve the community Social Health, Well being and Overall functioning. We understand the challenges that Kibagare community encounter in their daily lives and we work to provide opportunities that will bring economic sustainability. We influence our efforts through community building, planning, direct action and mobilization as we provide assistance to the economically disadvantaged persons.

Get involved with the Lifeskills project

Engage in Empowering the Women in Kibagare Community

Support the Pad project as they work to improve hygiene

Supporting our projects will enable use create more opportunities and impact the community to achieve sustainability. The Kibagare parents and residents will acquire skills and methodologies to think economically and do away with high level of poverty. As Kibagare Good News Center work to change the community, we would love you to join our course and let's bring change together. Lets better the lives of the children by working on improving their environment.

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Donate Family Food parcel - Kenya is facing its worst drought in 40 years. Rising prices and lack of supply of basic foods will cause many problems apart from hunger. We can help with food parcels! Click here to see how you can support a family of six


We relly on passionate team of volunteers to help us in achieving our mission and goal. We ask you to take part in our community building efforts as we work to provide assistance, to the Kibagare people.

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Thank You To Our Supporters

Without the continued support from Friends of St Martins, financial aid and your presence, it would not have been possible for Nilinde Nijijenge project and in particular Kibagare community.