Female Empowerment

Be the one to empower the Kibagare women and bring change in the community.

Female Empowerment

The objective of this project is to empower women through different activities regarding Entreprenuership Trainings, Financial Literacy Trainings, Digital Marketing, Positive parenting and Family matters. We have been able to offer intervention and trainings during our group meetings and home visits conducted by our mentors and the community coordinator.

Kibagare Community

Our greater understanding of the Community needs and empowering through key still training have enable us realise Empowerment through community building trainings and mobilization. We have been conducting different activities that give the community members an opportunity to a better quality of life. Some of the trainings are:
Changing the poverty mindset
Entreprenuership and business startup trainings
Financial literacy and linking business to Financial Institutions
Positive Parenting and Family matters
Succession Planning.

Members having an Entreprenuership Training.

Digital Marketing training facilitated by Eguity bank.

Parental trainings and Family matters.