HIV Project.

We care for the people living with HIV in our community.

HIV Project

People living with HIV were not willing to disclose their HIV status due to high stigma and discrimination in Kibagare slum. The community mentor mother trained a champions so that she can be role model on sensitizing the community members on HIV/AIDs. Through the champion and the help of community mentor mother we started a support group for people living with HIV to eliminate self-stigma.
At first we started the support group with five people but after some time the number increased to ten through the community champion who shared the importance of care and treatment. Through support group and home visit, people living with HIV are able to disclose their HIV status to their family members and live positively. When we started, defaulters were many because of self-stigma, and were scared to visit the health center to collect ARVS, which made them quit taking medication. The community mentor mother was able to address the situation through household visit in order to educate them on the importance of taking proper medication. In Kibagare slum most of the defaulters are back to care and treatment.

We, St Martin's Kibagare Good News center are working to provide equal opportunities for the people living with HIV and give mentorship programs that will improve their welfare. Regardless of the challenges, we believe through promoting education and equal chances on the affected persons, we will impact their way of lives. We ask you friends and friends of St Martins to support our activities as we aim to promote change in Kibagare Slum.