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In June a group of 19 sponsors and volunteers visited Kibagare Community and St Martins School. With their support the community team have been able to conduct the first needs assessment of a slum community with 720 households assessed. This information will allow us to better understand the needs of the women in our community and to better target our support.




Team Members

We are running the Kibagare Pad Project in Collaboration with WorldServe International and our goal is to provide free pads for the school girls in St Martins and low cost pads to the women in the community. Prices of all materials and goods are extremely high and many women are unable to have enough sanitary products due to these circumstances. But we are not stopping there! The Pad Project isn’t just about compostable pads, its also about education for men and women, support for female hygiene and health. A women’s menstrual cycle is a natural process and should not be taboo. It must be accepted and respected.

Anouk taking a photo with community kids

Collecting data from community members

A cool photo of the team